"Anya" the spirit of the sacred drums (end)

traditions and beliefs. Composing this piece I had in mind to join
musical forms and musicians who don’t usually come together. I have
been inspired by the traditional songs and rhythms of the Yorubas
with the idea to write European music with Afro-Cuban influences as
a response to Caribbean musical inventiveness using the very process
of creation that gave birth to Latin American music.

In a very similar approach to that of Pierre Verger who through his art
of photography and his subjective way shows us his love for traditional
African and Afro-American cultures, I wanted to pay tribute to this great
music and to place it in my artistic world as contemporary musical act.

“Anya” is a piece composed of 7 movements : overture, 5 movements
each of them being dedicated to a major orisha of the pantheon of the
deities in santeria and finale.

Appropriate ensemble includes a string quartet, double bass, clarinets,
flutes, saxophone, trumpets, French horn, marimba, the three bata
drums and a singer.

Julien Chirol

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